SFFA Launches Recruitment Campaign in Saskatoon

05-Feb-2019 - Saskatoon SK

The Saskatchewan Foster Families Association (SFFA) is encouraging Saskatoon residents to give a child in need a helping hand by becoming a foster parent or family today.

Foster New Beginnings

The SFFA’s successful provincial public awareness campaign, Foster New Beginnings, urges people from all corners of the province and from of all walks of life to support children by becoming a foster parent or family. The need for foster homes remains high across Saskatchewan, and while the SFFA has recruited nearly 130 new homes over the last two years, there is still a strong demand in Saskatoon for more safe, loving homes for children in need.

“So often people think they aren’t right for fostering, but I can tell you that foster families, just like any family, can and do come in all shapes and sizes,” said SFFA Executive Director Deb Davies. “Anyone can be a foster parent: single, married or common-law, of any race or ethnicity, with or without children of their own, renter or homeowner and experienced with, or willing to learn about children with special needs.”

Globally Recognized Training

The SFFA jointly delivers training with the Ministry of Social Services through a globally recognized program to help foster families provide a home environment that is safe, caring and respectful. The SFFA supports the Ministry of Social Services when a child first comes to a foster home, and provides continual follow-up, support and education.

“Foster parents are crucial to the success of our communities,” said Social Services Minister Paul Merriman. “The online training program for our foster families has become an excellent support tool for those who help our most vulnerable children and families.”

“I first became a foster parent 35 years ago and I’ve watched the SFFA evolve into a highly supportive network that provides some of the best care in the country for our most vulnerable. While there has been much change, one thing remains constant: families who open up their heart and homes provide children and teens with the best possible opportunity to succeed,” said Davies. “Saskatchewan’s strength comes from many people, and the foster care community needs everyone’s strength.”

The first step for anyone interested is to contact the SFFA. Even if someone cannot be a full-time foster parent, there are many ways to help.

For more information about becoming a foster family in Saskatchewan, please call the SFFA at 1-888-276-2880 or visit their website at www.saskfosterfamilies.ca.